Submissions are open for the first month of each quarter (i.e. Jan. 1-31, Apr. 1-30, Jul. 1-31, and Oct. 1-31).

Per quarter, we accept five pieces. These can be short fiction, flash fiction, poetry, photography, art, hybrid, book excerpts, or other formats not listed here. We will also pair illustrations with written pieces. Content that has some connection with Hong Kong will be favored but all subjects are welcome. We do require some reference to Hong Kong, however, tenuous, to be included in the final version. (Example: a character in the story could eat dim sum, or watch a Bruce Lee movie.)

No payment for submissions at this time.

Follow the classic manuscript format, or anything else readable. We don’t care if you include your name and contact on the document itself, but do include the name you wish the piece to be published under. We’ll assume your preferred contact is the email address you send your piece(s) from, unless you say otherwise.

Submit written materials in Word or any of the usual formats. Submit visual materials in .jpg or any of the usual formats.

100% human-created content is preferred. If a non-human has been involved in the development of the content, please disclose this along with your submission.

Maximum word count about 10,000 (although we have published longer pieces).

Include whatever content warnings you think are needed.

No submission fee: anyone can submit, but if your piece is accepted and you are not yet a member of HKWC, we will ask you to join. Artists and photographers are also encouraged to submit their work; you do not have to be a member of HKWC to have your visual artwork published.

Simultaneous submissions allowed, but please notify us if the piece has been published elsewhere. Send all submissions to hkwcmagazine [at] gmail [dot] com.

Multiple submissions allowed, but only one piece per author will be published per edition. (This does not apply to artists and photographers.)

Reprints allowed, but original pieces are preferred.