The Apostrophe: a publication of the Hong Kong Writers Circle

On an annual basis, the Hong Kong Writers Circle publishes an anthology of short stories. But our members have more creativity to showcase.

A quarterly publication of five original pieces

Each quarter, the five points of the bauhinia flower - Hong Kong’s emblem - will be paralleled by exactly five original pieces by Hong Kong writers: short stories, poetry, artwork, non-fiction, hybrid, as well as artwork and photography.

Anyone can submit; only members can publish

You do not need to be a member to submit; however, if a written piece is accepted, the author must be a HKWC member before it is published (n/a for artwork and photos).

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A note about our authors’ identities

For various reasons, quite a few of our authors (although not all) and some of our editors (although not all) go by pen names. These names can be obvious or subtle. Often (although not always), the name listed on the piece suggests an ethnicity or gender that is not the same as the actual person who wrote the piece. Sometimes we know that it’s a pen name the author is using; sometimes we don’t know; sometimes we only find out later.

For this reason, we tend to ignore the names when we are selecting the pieces, and leave it up to the authors to decide how much they want to disclose about themselves. We hope you keep this in mind when reading The Apostrophe! Enjoy.

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A quarterly publication of the Hong Kong Writers Circle